Our Beginning

Nathan Vannette grew up with his family on 5 acres of wooded land in West Michigan. His parents homeschooled him, giving him the freedom he needed to explore his interests in nature. By the age of 10, Nathan started his first vegetable and flower garden, paving the way for further experiments that eventually lead to the beginning of Growing Green Family Farm. In 2012, with the help of his family, Nathan started Growing Green Family Farms and began selling hydroponic produce at local farmers markets. In 2014, Chris (Nathan's brother-in-law) joined Growing Green Family Farms as a co-owner, working together the business has continued to grow. After many years of vacationing in Upstate South Carolina, Nathan, Chris, and their families relocated there in 2015. Growing Green has continued to thrive and Nathan and Chris are loving being a part of this community!


Meet The Farmers


Nathan Vannette, Founder & fearless leader since 2012.


Chris Ostlund, Married into the family business in 2014. Secretly as strong as an ox.

Caralynn Ostlund, Farmer in Training.


Anna Vannette, Edible flowers and TR farmers marketeer.


Rebecca Kilby Vannette, Social media coordinator and spreadsheet wizard

Rebecca Vannette, Master weed evictor and harvester.