What Are Hydroponic Greens?

We are always experimenting with new varieties of lettuce and other leafy greens in our climate-controlled growing environment. This consistently produces beautiful greens that taste even better. All without the use of ANY herbicides or pesticides.


Our varieties of hydroponically grown produce includes:


Red Cross Butter Bibb

Oscarde Oakleaf Lettuce

Mirlo Butter Bibb

Speckles Butter Bibb

Cherokee Summer Crisp

Coastal Green Romaine

Helvius Green Romaine

Forellenschluss (speckled romaine)

Livigna Lollo

Grand Rapids leaf lettuce

Curled Ruffec Endive

Deer Tongue Bibb Lettuce

Rouge D' Hiver Romaine

Concept Summer Crisp Lettuce

Oakleaf Lettuce

Sylvesta Butter Bibb

Vulcan Leaf Lettuce

Magenta Red Summer Crisp Lettuce

Bok Choy