Easter Flowers

In our own kitchen, we usually add our edible flowers to a tossed salad or to garnish a plate. Not the most imaginative, but still fun applications that make our dinner plates more colorful. However, Easter weekend found us feasting with extended family just across the border in Georgia where Rebecca’s aunt surprised us with sweeter applications. It was not only a feast for the tastebuds, but also for the eyes.

Before we skip ahead to the best part of any meal (dessert!), the main course included a clever way to dress up butter in seasonal color. Beyond just mixing in some herbs and chives for flavor, the butter was coated with a kaleidoscope of our pansies and kale flowers. The festive colors were then slathered all over our plate like savory sprinkles. While the meal was delicious, we’d better save room for dessert!

Dessert was the showstopper. Our pansies, johnny jump ups, pea blossoms, and kale flowers garnishing everything in sight. First up was the rustic carrot cake with a cascade of our pansies and johnny jump ups. This followed by blackberry yogurt cheesecake topped with our sweet pea flowers. Last, but not least came the cream cheese bark sprinkled with nuts and kale flowers.

The sugar high has us inspired to find more ways to brighten up our meals with natural color. Have you found any other delicious uses for our edible flowers?